Solar Development Corporation

The most rewarding solution

DuurzaamheidWe promise to make ‘green’ projects more profitable through a hassle free approach.

You are the owner of your high quality solar roof with maximum dividend and flexibility.

We only work with the most renowned parties and high quality materials to provide you the most rewarding solution.

Global WarmingGlobal warming is happening and calls for action.

Our mission is to contribute to this action by accelerating the development of sustainable energy.

Solar on commercial roofs is our answer. The largest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. The future is now.

About us

Water Wheel Corporation is the parent company of Solar Development Corporation. We develop solar energy projects on commercial real estate. In every project the owner of the property is our focal point, and we make all projects accessible to ‘green’ investors.

Our goal is to accelerate the development of sustainable energy with a hassle-free and turnkey solution. The result for the property owner is rental income from the property and additionally the return from the generated solar energy. With our process we mitigate risk and strive for maximum dividend and quality for the entrepreneurs during the entire lifespan of the project.

Realizing your ambitions together

Our goal is to accelerate the green energy development and transition by connecting solar projects and green capital markets. We develop green ‘power companies’ on top of commercial real estate. We list these power companies on the nx’change trading platform for financing, trade and investment possibilities. Through development and management of green rooftop solar energy we offer a hassle-free, transparent and high quality solar solutions for real estate. Future proof, delivered.

Rooftop Solar

Ground Mounted Solar

The Benefits

Let us help you get the most out of your commercial real estate: See the benefits from working with us

Are you our next customer?

Investors / owners in commercial real estate (with roof area starting from 10,000 m²). Landowner with land starting from ​​3 ha. We offer a turnkey, hassle free solution for owners who want to realize extra returns with sun in addition to a rental income.